[NTG-context] problem with url in \setupexternalfigures

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Thu Jan 14 00:04:48 CET 2010

On Wed, 13 Jan 2010, Hans Hagen wrote:

> On 7-1-2010 10:14, Peter Münster wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This used to work:
>> \setupexternalfigures[directory={\currentvalue, http://pmrb.free.fr/tmp/}]
>> \starttext
>> \externalfigure[hacker-test]
>> \stoptext
>> But with the latest version, the figure is not found...
> ok, i can fix that but there is a problem ...
> if no suffix is given, the quality list is followed and the first request 
> will be
> http://pmrb.free.fr/tmp/hacker-test.pdf
> which gives a home page which is no pdf of course and luatex does not like 
> that
> as i don't want to complicate the lookup mechanism even more, i will not 
> catch this and users can best use a suffix when using an url

Does it make sense to add the look-up to \usemodule?

For example, the following works:


But it will be nice if I could also do



\usemodule[http://..../t-cut-n-paste] % no .tex

or (not really serious here)

\usemodule[http:// ...][t-cut-n-paste] % like \usemodule[p][name] etc.

Of course, this will only work for moudles that provide only one file.


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