[NTG-context] Thoughts on ConTeXt: ditched

Piotr Kopszak kopszak at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 19:45:54 CET 2010

Well, well,

ConTeXt can help you if you give him a little love and don't try pull
all triggers at once. Having written my Ph.D. in LaTeX and published
couple of books in ConTeXT I can assure you, ConTeXt is surprisingly
better suited  for "scientific" texts (oops sorry, I  just mean text
with footnotes, bibliography,  a couple of indexes, list of
illustrations, definitions whatever) even if you disregard its
typographic quality. That's of course my entirely subjective opinion.


2009/12/29 Manuel P. <ayeye.sysforge at gmail.com>:
> Il 29/12/2009 3.48, berend at pobox.com ha scritto:
>>     Manuel>  Another "problem" is the "fluidity" of ConTeXt: it changes
>>     Manuel>  rapidly and the documentation is left behind.
>> Maybe for some things, but I'm using a manual from 2004 and from my
>> point of view very little has changed.
>> I would say the interface is remarkably stable, so hopefully that
>> might be some encouragement to come back one day.
> Sure!
> --
> Manuel P.
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