[NTG-context] create and grade multiple choice exams with MUCH an ConTeXT

batela batela at tugamail.com
Wed Dec 31 13:56:36 CET 2008

Dear Sirs,

For create and grade my MCQ (multiple choice quiz) I use the MUCH 
command that in had found at http://fourier.math.uoc.gr/~mk/much/.
this is a very useful command for create and grade quizzes. Actually my 
main propose is use MUCH with context (or luatext).
I prepare my exams in this way:
Each question = one file
Question example:
Today is:
31 December --- the true question is the first
25 December
13 Mars
In the test-description I include my specifications.
And them I do:
  much create test-description
A mc-outfile.tex is created. Now I do:

pdflatex exam.tex for making the pdf file with all exams. If you can 
help I  would  use ConTeXT to prepare the pdf file.

The migration should be very easy. I think there is necessary to define 
in context several commands like:




\newcommand{\mcquestionheader}{\noindent{\bf Question 
\mcquestionnumber}: }


In the file questions (mc-output.tex).

"""""""" mc-output.tex """"""""""""


\mcquestionheader How many circular orderings of the numbers 
$0,1,\ldots,10$ are there?
(Two circular orderings which differ only by a rotation are not 
considered different.)
{$A$}: $10!$
\ \ {$B$}: $3^{11}$
\ \ {$C$}: $11!$
\ \ {$D$}: $9!$
\ \



%%%%% another exam



\mcquestionheader In how many ways can we select, from a set of 20 
people, a committee of 3
different persons with a chair, secretary and member?
{$A$}: $20\cdot19\cdot18$
\ \ {$B$}: $\frac{20!}{3!}$
\ \ {$C$}: $20^3$
\ \ {$D$}: $3^{20}$
\ \




Thanks a lot for your support.

Happy New Year to all


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