[NTG-context] specific document layout with ConTeXt

Brecht Machiels brecht at mos6581.org
Mon Dec 29 00:56:55 CET 2008


A big thanks to both Aditya and Wolfgang for their example 
styles/documents. This will help me (and perhaps also others) get 
familiar with ConTeXt much faster than any manual could. Aditya, could 
you also post a document that uses the IEEE module? It is not clear to 
me how I should specify the title, for example.

Wolfgang's module looks very clean and is even somewhat similar to the 
way Lout's report class can be configured by means of the parameters. 
This, I like alot and is basically what I was looking for in ConTeXt.

Unfortunately there is no small caps included in URW Times. I have tried 
installing the Gyre fonts, but that was not very successful. What is the 
easiest way to end up with a SC Times font? Or should I just fake it 
using a construct simular to what is described in 
http://www.ntg.nl/pipermail/ntg-context/2006/020929.html? This will not 
allow me to specify it as a style to \setuphead however, I assume?

Kind regards,

PS. Sorry for not properly replying to the thread. But I only subscribed 
  just now and Mailman does not support retrieving old messages...

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