[NTG-context] starting headings at top of column

Lars Huttar lars_huttar at sil.org
Wed Dec 17 18:57:41 CET 2008


I've started talking to people in charge about contributing some money
to this mailing list, or the wiki, or something ... we're certainly
getting a lot of help from it. Is there an org or project to contribute to?

Anyway, my current challenge is this.
We have a two-column layout using columnsets. Fairly often, we start a
new section (within a column... this does not interrupt the flow of

Some constraints we want to fulfill are:

- Normally we want a little space before each new section heading
  - Except at the top of a column; can I check whether we're at the top
of a column and do a conditional \vskip based on that?(*)

- Avoid orphans: when starting a new section, if there's not enough room
left in the current column, do a column break before outputting the
section heading. I've tried \testcolumn[n], but it doesn't seem to work
right. What are the units of the argument to \testcolumn?

We also do manual column balancing using \definecolumnset,
\setupcolumnset, and \setupcolumnsetlines. My concern is, does this
apply after other layout is performed, so that any test performed above
(*) regarding position within the column would fail to reflect these
column balancing adjustments and therefore could give wrong results?
That could explain why \testcolumn has been behaving in unexpected ways...


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