[NTG-context] tiny reshuffle of ConTeXt versions on the Minimals

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 23:53:45 CET 2008


Just a short notice before it causes confusion.

Since Hans is preparing some really big changes in mkiv (basically
rewriting almost the whole ConTeXt core if I understood correctly), he
is still waiting to update ConTeXt on his website until the changes
are finished or at least "working again".

Since neither current nor beta are compatible with the latest LuaTeX,
I have applied some patches that he sent me to official beta and now
both current and beta are pointing to the same patched version of
beta. (Maybe I should finally modify the timestamp ...)

Else "current" on minimals would be broken, or we would be unable to
upload luatex for quite a while.

In theory everything should still work normally, beta has also been
around for quite a while now, but before anyone asks me "why are the
versions on minimals different from the ones that Hans provides" or
"it works with context beta/context current on my machine, why doesn't
it work on yours", here you have some short explanation.

This deviation from the official version will be dropped as soon as
ConTeXt gets "stable" again.


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