[NTG-context] texexec ignores file order

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Tue Dec 9 08:13:33 CET 2008

On Mon, 8 Dec 2008, Ben Barrowes wrote:

> exexec --pdfarrange --result=yujo_insurance.pdf yujo_insurance1.pdf yujo_insurance2.pdf yujo_insurance3.pdf yujo_insurance4.pdf yujo_insurance5.pdf yujo_insurance6.pdf yujo_insurance7.pdf yujo_insurance8.pdf yujo_insurance9.pdf yujo_insurance10.pdf yujo_insurance11.pdf yujo_insurance12.pdf
> After upgrading recently, I found that texexec no longer preserves the order of files passed to it. When I concatenate files with texexec, I often have more than 10 files I want to pass to texexec names filename1.pdf, filename2.pdf, ... filename12.pdf, etc. In the past, the following has worked to concatenate these in the correct order:
> texexec --pdfarrange --result=filename.pdf `ls -a -v filename*.pdf`
> Now, even if I pass filename10.pdf after filename2.pdf on the command line, texexec ingores this and puts filename10.pdf before filename2.pdf in the resulting concatenated file.
> Is there a fix for this, or is there a better way to concatenate pdf files?

If you just want to concat files, you can use pdftk 


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