[NTG-context] questions on ctxtools and line break.

Dalyoung Jeong haksan at mac.com
Mon Dec 8 07:32:04 CET 2008

Dear Mojca, Yue, and Hans,

Thank you for the help.
I updated ConTeXt and LuaTeX using rsync to the foler .../texlive/ 

"texmfstart texexec --make (--xtx) --all" run smoothly, but luatools  
still has a cnf error.

I'll do it again from the beginning when I have time.
However, it works fine in ConTeXt-minimal.

One day Mr. Wolfgang tried to do some work to set up standardization  
of CJK for MKIV. However, it is not easy because Korean use space  
between words.

The rules of line break for Korean is simple in saying. We don't need  
any hyphenation inside word, so if it is longer than the \textwidth,  
just make a line break at that position. There may be a little  
adjustment to make it right flush.

For the details of the line breaking system for Korean, I'll talked to  
the people in KTUG.
Some experts in KTUG will answer how to do that.
For ConTeXt, there is a font-kor.tex(by nomos) file which enable to  
use Korean in ConTeXt. So they know what and how to do. I hope that we  
find a good solution which is also good for the implementation in MKIV.

Thank you again.

Best regards,


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