[NTG-context] muse, pandoc and context

Jean Magnan de Bornier jm.bornier at free.fr
Tue Dec 2 19:22:06 CET 2008

Le 02 décembre à 17:44:02 Jörg Hagmann <joerg.hagmann at unibas.ch> écrit notamment:

| Jean Magnan de Bornier wrote:
| > Does it mean you are aware of the context publishing style in muse? If so,
| > did you encounter any problem?
| >   
| Yes, I'm aware of it and no, no problems so far.
| But before committing myself to either markdown/pandoc or muse, I would 
| like to have opinions. For example: subscripts would be "CO~2~", 
| superscripts "Ca^2+^" in markdown, what would you write in muse? Inclose 
| it between math tags? Wouldn't be convenient.

Well this is chemical notation I guess? On the muse list I never saw
anything about it, I believe something exists in context. Some interface
might probably be written but I don't believe it exists now.


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