[NTG-context] muse, pandoc and context

Jörg Hagmann joerg.hagmann at unibas.ch
Tue Dec 2 16:02:28 CET 2008

Dear list members,

Despite using a text editor (emacs) and context almost exclusively, I 
need a way to communicate with other members of the institute. I'm 
evaluating two possibilities:
1. Writing in markdown and using pandoc for conversion to either context 
or something openable by a word processor.
2. Writing in emacs muse and publishing to -- see above.

I would like to know the following:
- Has anybody done the same and come to a conclusion? Reasons?
- Is my impression correct that with muse one has fewer possibilities 
such as sub/superscripts?

I'm aware of the threads in the archive, but would like to have an 
updated, concise opinion.

Slightly off topic, but thanks for your answers, Jörg

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