[NTG-context] difference between TeX behavior and ConTeXt

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Nov 26 15:11:45 CET 2008

Lars Huttar wrote:
> Except perhaps the documentation. I have yet to find a reference that
> clearly describes what \rm is to do in ConTeXt. One responder pointed to
> http://www.pragma-ade.com/general/manuals/cont-eni.pdf. The closest
> thing to a definition of \rm there that I could find is on p. 111: "The
> command \rm is used to switch to a roman/serif/regular style,..."

In his first reply to your message, Aditya posted the link to the new
manual chapter on "Typography". This chapter and the following one
"Fonts" are  planned to be the definitive answer to all questions
regarding fonts and font selection in ConTeXt.

If you believe the text could be improved even further beyond the
changes already made compared to the manual at Pragma ADE, please
tell us how (for sure, the meaning of the macro \rm is not going to
change!). We all want the manual to be as good as humanly possible,
but it is often quite hard to write at beginners' level when you
have advanced past that point yourself.

If you can find a good (or at least better) way to express what
\rm,\ss,\tt,\hw and \cg do compared to the current prose in
co-typography, please post it. Just keep in mind that the manual
has to remain independant, so texts that presuppose knowledge of
plain TeX and/or LaTeX are not acceptable except as a side/footnote.

Best wishes,

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