[NTG-context] \definefont problem with latest beta (mkiv)

Peter Rolf indiego at gmx.net
Tue Nov 11 14:37:35 CET 2008


First of all: mkii format generation still fails here because of


I added the mkii suffix here to make it run.

Back to the subject. When using mkiv there is a problem in finding the
map files of my fonts. Instead of the expanded value of
\defaultencoding (here texnansi, set in cont-sys.tex) the prefix
'default' is used here.

fonts          : using map file: default-microsoft-arial

luaTeX warning (file default-microsoft-arial.map): cannot open font map file
fonts          : using map file: default-microsoft-sansserif

luaTeX warning (file default-microsoft-sansserif.map): cannot open font
map file
fonts          : using map file: default-microsoft-trebuchet

luaTeX warning (file default-microsoft-trebuchet.map): cannot open font
map file
fonts          : using map file: default-microsoft-tahoma

luaTeX warning (file default-microsoft-tahoma.map): cannot open font map

Mkii works fine with these fonts (TTF). I made a small test file, but
I'm not sure if the font is choosen wisely (T1). Anyhow, it shows the
way how I use the upper named fonts in my macros.

Regards, Peter

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