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Otared Kavian otared at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 18:47:09 CEST 2008

Hi Wolfgang and Willi,

As soon as I saw Wolfgang's message about TeXworks, I tried to install  
and use it, but without success (I even didn't figure out what Willi  
says about the libraries and so on).
Maybe, in the sense of Mac OS X, it is not yet an application?

I am stymmied too…

Best regards: OK
On 22 oct. 08, at 18:17, Willi Egger wrote:

> Hi Wolfgang
> I would like to give the TEXworks application also a try.
> I downloaded the libraries and the executable r167 as provided from
> the TUG-site.
> The libraries were put into /Library/Frameworks (local)
> The other libraries into /opt/local/lib (there is no such folder as /
> usr/local/lib
> The application does not start. i.e. the lion blinks up when clicked,
> in the applicationsbar a triangel show up for a moment and then
> vanishes... So I am stummied.
> Is it the version which is faulty?
> kind regards
> Willi
> On Oct 22, 2008, at 1:28 PM, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:
>>> […]
>> Why don't you use TeXworks, it already comes with the right
>> settings for pdfTeX, XeTeX and LuaTeX.
>> Wolfgang

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