[NTG-context] Arabic script bug in MKIV

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Oct 17 21:48:31 CEST 2008

Mehdi Omidali wrote:
> Hi everyone
> At last I could install minimal context to use the latest luatex
> (0.30.1) with latest cont-tmf release. Thanks.
> I don't know if the following is a luatex or Context bug. Sorry if
> here is not the right place to report this.
> After compiling the following lines I faced two problems in the output.
> 1- In the first line words get mixed.
> 2- In the second line only 456 appeared but it should be 0123456789.
> The second problem occurs for the specific font that I have used and I
> can resolve it by using another font. The problem is that in the font,
> the character ۱ for example is assigned to two unicode characters, one
> for U+0661 (arabic digit one) and also for U+06F1 (farsi digit one).
> But MKIV doesn't know this approach. In fact, only digits 4,5, and 6
> are different in farsi and arabic so they appeared in the output
> correctly. XeTeX knows this kind of character assignment.

so, how does the font communicate this dual usage?

> \definestartstop
>   [farsidocument]
>   [commands={\usetypescript[Farsi]%
> 	\setupbodyfont[Farsi,12pt]%
> 	\FarsiGlobalDir}]

way more efficient



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