[NTG-context] Some Metapost Problems

Wolfgang Werners-Lucchini wwl at musensturm.de
Tue Oct 7 21:54:38 CEST 2008

Hallo Mojca,

> > 1. The labels of the first graphic are xscaled (randomly)
> They are not scaled randomly :P
> They inherit the sizes from the second graphic.
> See
> http://archive.contextgarden.net/message/20061204.102337.280a6589.en
> .html


> You need
>     \runMPgraphicstrue

Yes, this helps! 

But what are the sideeffects? When is the opposite needed? 

> These settings are used exclusevely for btex ... etex and textext.
> \sometxt uses the surounding font.
> There could be some settings for fonts in metapost graphics, but
> I'm not aware of any.
> However, it's rather easy to either:
> a) write your own metapost macro for placing labels that scales
> down
> everything by 20%
>     label.top(myscaled(\sometxt{Samstag}), z0) ;
> where
>     vardef myscaled(expr t) = (t scaled 0.8) enddef;

This works.

> b) write your own handle
>     \definetextext[scaled]{\switchtobodyfont[8pt]\strut}
> and then
>     label.top(\sometxt[scaled]{Samstag}, z0) ;

This works, too. Where is this documented?
> c) write your own macro or put some font size switch in front of
> the graphic (I did not try it out)
> \long\def\startuseMPgraphicwithscaledtext#1\stopuseMPgraphicwithscal
> edtext
> {\bgroup\switchtobodyfont[8pt]\startuseMPgraphic#1\stopuseMPgraphic\
> egroup}

This is not working. 
Even an explizit




didn't work.

I will use one of the other solutions. Thank you very much!


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