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Andrea Valle valle at di.unito.it
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Dear Dalyoung,

Sorry,I don't know. The only thing I've noticed is that Smultron  
refreshes its result window after compilation is completed and not  
while compiling, I guess it's a matter of piping. So, sometimes there  
a relevant lag and I have to wait a bit in order to look at what has  



On 6 Oct 2008, at 09:04, Dalyoung Jeong wrote:

> Dear all,
> I hope that you understand a little bit off topic question.
> Recently, I installed smultron and set it up to use ConTeXt Minimals
> following the instruction in ConTeXt wiki.
> Basically it worked.
> But the command result window didn't properly show what is going on
> during the compilation.
> But it appeared some time but it didn't some other time. I couldn't
> figure out when it did and when it didn't.
> Even in the case that it showed the result, it didn't refresh after I
> compiled the same file again.
> Does some one help me to fix it?
> Thank you.
> Best regards,
> Dalyoung
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