[NTG-context] French punctuation : tests

Peter Münster pmlists at free.fr
Mon Sep 29 22:13:28 CEST 2008

On Thu, Sep 25 2008, Olivier Guéry wrote:

> * There should't  be space between two sign. Test 2

Hello Olivier,

IMHO, "frenchpunctuation" should just care about the additional spaces
before some punctuation signs, that are the French typographic mainstream.
Neither more, nor less. Two or three signs like "!!!" are anyway rare
exceptions and perhaps grammatically even not allowed. For such exceptions
one can use for example "\string!", if no space is wanted.

I would like to see the rules as simple as this:
- before ":", ";", "?", "!" and "»" add some tiny nobreakspace (for example
  half an inter-word space and stretchable)
- if the author has already added a space (or nbsp) character before such
  sign, gobble it and use the tiny nbsp
- same thing after "«"

> * The space before the footnote sign is too big (it's clearer with
> othe fonts). Test 4

For me, no special treatment should be triggered with "frenchpunctuation"
or \language[fr]. Footnote signs are just a matter of taste and style.

> \mainlanguage [fr] \language[fr]
> \setcharacterspacing [frenchpunctuation]

Perhaps, it would make sense, to make one test file for \mainlanguage[fr]
and another another one for \setcharacterspacing[frenchpunctuation] ?

> 1 The « ; » signs shouldn’t be at the beginning of a line, there must be
> space before all sign (look at the rules here :
> http://wiki.contextgarden.net/frenchpunctuation) :\crlf

To test, that the space is not breakable, one can use:
bla: bla : bla : bla~:
bla? bla ? bla ? bla~?
bla! bla ! bla ! bla~!
bla; bla ; bla ; bla~;
«bla» « bla » « bla » «~bla~»\par

Cheers, Peter


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