[NTG-context] showcase on mac?

Frans Goddijn frans at goddijn.com
Sun Sep 28 16:05:22 CEST 2008

When I click on the showcase link, my Firefox 3.0.3 _downloads_ de  
PDF, doesn't show it in the browser. I then double click the  
downloaded file, Adobe Reader 8.1.2 starts up and if I click a link,  
it says "There was an error opening this document. This file cannot be  

I deleted the Reader and downloaded/installed Reader 9.0.0 from the  
Adobe website. This time no error message but also no action when I  
click on any link but "quit"

Still, it must be something on my machine, since others don't have  
this problem.



On 28 sep 2008, at 14:13, Hans Hagen wrote:

Frans Goddijn wrote:
> Willi Egger helped me get a minimal install working on my mac and I'm
> working on a collection of columns illustrated with pictures. It's
> been a while since I used Context so I want to download some basic
> manuals to refresh my memory and learn new things.
> On my Windows machine I can view/navigate and download manuals from  
> the
> http://www.pragma-ade.nl/showcase.pdf
> page, but on my mac this doesn't work. In the Safari browser, nothing
> happens if I click on the "manuals" link. In Firefox, the showcase PDF
> is downloaded and I can open it. After allowing the file to go full
> screen, I get error messages for the links "there was an error opening
> this document/ the file cannot be found', execpt on the "quit"  
> link ;-)
> Is there a simple thing I should change to make it work on the mac as
> well?

doesn't acrobat work? (the mac pdf browser is somewhat limited); best
use acrobat reader as plugin

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