[NTG-context] French punctuation : tests

Olivier Guéry nemolivier at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 11:57:23 CEST 2008

Ok, aftre some test…

It seem's that it's linked to the fonts… damn !
The value in « \definehspace[fr][footnote][-.2667\emspaceamount] » need to
be negative, as I set it (work with my fontin_sans font, too big for lmodern
Then I found two problems :
— the space after is way too big :o)
— how can I set other values of the \setupfootnotes ? I tried this :
bodyfont=\tfxx, width=70mm]

But I get an error.
Here is a minimal test about footnotes.

\mainlanguage [fr]
\language [fr]
\usemodule [french]
\setcharacterspacing [frenchpunctuation]



This texte, with a footnote\footnote{there's a point just after}.


Same thing, with a negative value\footnote{look at the space after…}.



PS : Context version : 2008.09.21 22:31, luatex 0.29.0 beta.

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