[NTG-context] typescript and font features bug?

Yue Wang yuleopen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 07:36:49 CEST 2008

> remark: using those st ligatures is pretty annoying (ok for older docs
> in french etc)

Maybe that's why text in The Elements of Typographic Style disable the
dlig feature?
(In fact I love them and always enable dlig in my documents)

> the funny punctuation is probably due to the frac features .. i found
> (in other fonts) that frac is a rather weird feature in the sense that
> it has to be applied very selectively if only because the contextual
> analysis definitions might not be complete at all

But it is strange that other engines render it well...

> for me it makes such features rather useless and i'll probably cook up
> my own solution by simply parsing the node list and replacing glyphs; on
> the other hand, even then we end up with suboptimal outcome

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