[NTG-context] Interesting Bug with LuaTex, \setfontfeature{oldstyle}, colors and tikz

holzminister holzminister at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 17 14:24:51 CEST 2008


I wanted to use colors in my tikz-graphics. The following example
gives a nice red line with "texexec":

\mainlanguage [de]


\definecolor[zeug][r=1, g=0, b=0]


	 \draw [zeug, line width=1ex, cap=round] (-7.65cm,-1mm) -- (7.65cm,-1mm);


When I compile my document with "texexec --lua" I get a black line.

Adding "\setfontfeature{oldstyle}" to the preamble causes "texexec
--lua" to break with a failure.

Package pgfbase: Error! Unsupported color model `'. Sorry.
error: ...text/tex/texmf-context/tex/context/base/font-otf.lua:1998:
attempt to index local 'tfmdata' (a nil value)
\endpgfpicture ... \pgf at y }\endgroup \hss \egroup
                                                  \pgf at insertlayers \endgrou...

Does anyone know how this comes?


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