[NTG-context] Lucida again on mac osx

Eric DÉTREZ ericd13 at mac.com
Fri Sep 12 20:46:58 CEST 2008

I sent this message last week.


I know that I disturb a lot this list, please forgive me.

I tried to install a new mac.

I donwloaded mactex (2008)
I installed lucida fons in ~/Library/texmf/
then I typed "sudo mktexlsr" and "sudo updmap-sys --enable Map  
lucida.map" in terminal
All is fine with plain TeX, I can use my lucida fonts.

I copied all my afm and pfb files in a directory
then I typed "texfont --fontroot=/Users/Ericd/library/texmf --ve=bh -- 
co=lucida --ma --in --expert"
from this directory in terminal. (don't understand  the --ma --in -- 
expert things)
It made a lot of job, map files, tfm files.
The texnansi-bh-lucida test file seems to work (it's a long task, I  
only  asked to show LucidaBright).

doesn' show me Lucida in my pdf.

What did I do wrong ?
Since I installed mactex 2006 and it went right (but cmr is uggly,  
there are not any ligature, first is written rst)
The same happens to my main computer :
I use mactex 2007, everything goes well ; I tried to install mactex  
2008 and, again, the lucida fonts are replaced by computer modern (or  
latin modern ?)
All my fonts afm, tfm and so on are local, in the ~/Library/texmf  

I wish to install mactex 2007 : where can I find it ?

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