[NTG-context] Can we make font loading much faster?

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Fri Sep 12 20:21:38 CEST 2008

Yue Wang wrote:
> Oh, My God. What's wrong on my system? Umm.......
> Can you give me a hint to find what's wrong here?
> I use the minimals GUI installer, and after installation,
> I copy the fonts to texmf-fonts/fonts/opentype.

when you set fonts.trace=true you will see that many fonts are defined

at some point we might make this an option: no \tfa..d etc at all since
in styles one might prefer to use hard coded fonts for titles or just
switch the bodyfont (is relatively fast with typefaces); the reason for
these extra sizes are convenience and speed (at least that was the case
10 years ago)

for the moment, a way out of your problem is (please wikify this)


or less intrusive


you should keep in mind that the context font mechanisms evolved over
time and that they support rather complex mixted usage of fonts (i.e.
mixing complete sets of different typefaces and such); this comes at a
price (normally goes unnoticed)


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