[NTG-context] \cite command (bib-module)

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Thu Sep 11 17:52:20 CEST 2008

On Sep 11, 2008, at 5:01 PM, Martin Hoher wrote:

> Thank you for your answer. The first example works.
> The result is: "Goldstein (2003)" but unfortunately it is impossible  
> to
> combine it with the [extras={:95}] option to get the page number  
> behind
> the citation.
> If you type \cite [authoryear][extras={:95}] it won't work.
> Although I've tried it with the [authoryear,page] nothing works.
> The result of the second example is "Goldstein (vgl. 2003)". I've  
> tried
> to use the left={} option instead, but nothing changed.
> \setupcite
>         [authoryear]
>         [pubsep={, },
>          lastpubsep={ und },
>          compress=yes,
>          inbetween={},
>          left={(vgl. },
>          right={)}]
> still leads to the result Goldstein (vgl. 2003) when I type in the
> command \cite [authoryear][G:2003]. It seems to be impossible to place
> something (like "vgl.") in front of the name of the author and  
> inside of
> the brackets like (vgl. Goldstein 2003:95)

Sorry, in the second case, you'll need the option "authoryears":

        [pubsep={, },
         lastpubsep={ und },
         inbetween={ },
         left={(vgl. },

I had a quick look at the source, and it doesn't look like you can  
have three [] arguments after \cite. So you can't have \cite[STYLE] 
[EXTRAS][KEY], you must use the \setuppublications command and set the  
default. If you want to have a different citation style in the  
footnotes and in the main text, you will probably want to have a  
\setuppublications[refcommand=authoryears] in the setup of your  
footnotes (see p. 101 of cont-eni.pdf).


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