[NTG-context] sometxt in mkiv

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Mon Sep 8 11:26:26 CEST 2008

Thomas A. Schmitz wrote:

> thanks for your responses. I was aware that you can use textext  
> (that's what I do right now), but was under the impression that  
> sometxt was the way to go (faster and more flexible). Now I'm  
> confused :-)  I was asking because I was working on my presentation  

both mkiv and sometxt use some box trickery which keeps the tex 
processing completely inside the tex engine (only refs and dimensions 
are passed); in order to deal with loopt, we introduced the TeXtext 
trick but it' sno longer needed

there is still \sometxt but it's just a shortcut to a predefined 
commando (e.g. framed) which can be handy sometimes

> module. One of the metapost graphics for picture inclusion seems to  
> give problems when run under XeTeX, so I was wondering if I could  
> replace it with the clever sometxt mechanism Mojca mentions in her  
> MyWay. But then I saw that this doesn't work in mkiv... I find XeTeX  
> very hard to support in my module. I don't use it myself, I find fonts  

then just don't support it and assume mkiv usage

> deeply baffling (I still got the darned "mktextfm lmtypewriter- 
> blablabla" message a zillion times, and there is no way to stop a  
> XeTeX run; I still had to explicitly disable MKTEXTFM in texmf.cnf in  
> TeXLive 2008), so I'm considering just giving it up and tell people to  
> use mkiv instead.

indeed; this is a side effect of xetex being opentype and mp only able 
to deal with 8 bit fonts; in mkiv mp never sees any text (not een the 
btex .. etex which is replaced by by textext before the mp code is 
passed to mp); that's why in mkiv your text is a matter of the current 
run (inlcuding fotn settings and such, i.e. no need to pass anything to 
MPenvironment either)

concerning your module ... you can have a mymodule.mkiv alongside 
mymodule.tex if needed


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