[NTG-context] Euler in mkiv

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Mon Sep 8 03:42:41 CEST 2008

On Mon, 8 Sep 2008, Yue Wang wrote:

>> cmb10.pfb    cmbx8.pfb     cmff10.pfb   cmmi5.pfb    cmr12.pfb  cmsl10.pfb
>> cmss17.pfb    cmssi17.pfb  cmsy6.pfb     cmtex9.pfb  cmtt12.pfb
>> cmbsy10.pfb  cmbx9.pfb     cmfi10.pfb   cmmi6.pfb    cmr17.pfb  cmsl12.pfb
>> cmss8.pfb     cmssi8.pfb   cmsy7.pfb     cmti10.pfb  cmtt8.pfb
>> cmbx10.pfb   cmbxsl10.pfb  cmfib8.pfb   cmmi7.pfb    cmr5.pfb   cmsl8.pfb
>> cmss9.pfb     cmssi9.pfb   cmsy8.pfb     cmti12.pfb  cmtt9.pfb
>> cmbx12.pfb   cmbxti10.pfb  cminch.pfb   cmmi8.pfb    cmr6.pfb   cmsl9.pfb
>> cmssbx10.pfb  cmssq8.pfb   cmsy9.pfb     cmti7.pfb   cmu10.pfb
>> cmbx5.pfb    cmcsc10.pfb   cmitt10.pfb  cmmi9.pfb    cmr7.pfb
>> cmsltt10.pfb  cmssdc10.pfb  cmssqi8.pfb  cmtcsc10.pfb  cmti8.pfb
>> cmvtt10.pfb
>> cmbx6.pfb    cmdunh10.pfb  cmmi10.pfb   cmmib10.pfb  cmr8.pfb   cmss10.pfb
>> cmssi10.pfb   cmsy10.pfb   cmtex10.pfb   cmti9.pfb
>> cmbx7.pfb    cmex10.pfb    cmmi12.pfb   cmr10.pfb    cmr9.pfb   cmss12.pfb
>> cmssi12.pfb   cmsy5.pfb    cmtex8.pfb    cmtt10.pfb
> These are cm fonts. Euler fonts begin with eu**

I should have phrased my comment more precisely. Euler fonts are not 
complete and the virtual fonts fallback to CM. So, to use Euler, you 
either need to have CM fonts, or write your own virtual fonts, or wait for 
MKIV to finalized a math virtual font mechanism with sane fallbacks.


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