[NTG-context] \framed[backgroundcolor=x] might imply \framed[background=color]

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Tue Sep 2 19:25:06 CEST 2008

Peter Rolf wrote:
> Johan Sandblom schrieb:
>> What would be the drawback of allowing
>> backgroundcolor=n imply background=color
>> and
>> backgroundscreen=x imply background=screen
>> in the setup to \framed. Background compatibility should not be an
>> issue and I am failing to imagine cases where it would not be
>> desirable.
> The background parameter is not fixed to 'color' or 'screen'. You can
> use any type of overlay background (which itself can use the parameter
> backgroundcolor). So the usage of 'backgroundcolor' doesn't always imply
> 'screen=color'. At least not in my macros.. :)

is anyone using screen? deep down it's already mapped onto color anyway 
(the color mechanism will reduce colors anyway) .. if not, we might as 
well remove it from mkiv


ps. it dates from the time where not all printers could print gray areas 
and fallbacks were needed (fakes, real old code often)

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