[NTG-context] Installing ConTeXt Minimals on a Mac

Mojca Miklavec mojca.miklavec.lists at gmail.com
Mon Sep 1 23:38:50 CEST 2008

On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 10:43 PM, Alan Bowen <acbowen at princeton.edu> wrote:
> On Sep 1, 2008, at 13;43,19 , Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>>> On Sep 1, 2008, at 12;24,41 , Mojca Miklavec wrote:
>>> For setting HOMETEXMF you can help yourself, though it would be nice
>>> if we provided a solution that worked out of the box. But I would
>>> like
>>> to get a confirmation from Hans that it's OK to do that.
>>> I have modified the texmf.cnf in
>>> ./Applications/ConTeXtMinimals/tex/texmf/web2c with the lines
>>> export HOMETEXMF=~/Library/texmf
>>> export
>>> but ConTeXt still does not find my personal texmf folder
>> I probably told you wrong, but:
>> 1.) you have HOMETEXMF first and then TEXMFHOME: these need to be
>> equal
>> 2.) unless you are following (3), don't modify the file in texmf/,
>> but create
>>  /Applications/ConTeXtMinimals/tex/texmf-local/web2c/texmf.cnf
>> instead, else the file will be overwritten at first update
>> 3.) even then I'm not completely sure, but I guess that environmental
>> variables override settings in texmf.cnf, so you either need to
>>  a) modify setuptex (rename it and run the renamed file instead of
>> setuptex)
>>  b) only export PATH and not run setuptex at all; in that case values
>> from texmf.cnf will be used
>> - maybe you need to run "mktexlsr" or "luatools --generate"
> OK. One quick reply just to see if I am on track.
> I have created /Applications/ConTeXtMinimals/tex/texmf-local/web2c/
> texmf.cnf
> where texmf.cnf now has
> export HOMETEXMF=~/Library/texmf

(hopefully the line continues ...)

The lines you have written here belong to "setuptex", not to
texmf.cnf. The syntax for setuptex is slightly different.

HOMETEXMF     = ~/Library/texmf
# single line

But try putting
   export HOMETEXMF=~/Library/texmf
# single line

into setuptex (replace the old variables). The problem is that if you
adapt texmf.cnf only, you still override those settings with setuptex.

There is one thing that you could try (I never use TeXShop, but
there's a change that it works):


export PATH=/Applications/ConTeXtMinimals/tex/texmf-osx-intel:$PATH
texexec "$1"


export PATH=/Applications/ConTeXtMinimals/tex/texmf-osx-intel:$PATH
export TEXMFCACHE=/Applications/ConTeXtMinimals/tex/texmf-cache
context "$1"


export PATH=/Applications/ConTeXtMinimals/tex/texmf-osx-intel:$PATH
texexec --xtx "$1"

(sorry for two different proposals - I should probably only send you a
single one)


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