[NTG-context] "Float within a frame" challenge

B. Tommy Jensen btoj at frisurf.no
Mon Sep 1 22:18:52 CEST 2008

I am trying to accomplish the following layout with ConTeXt:

  - An icon and a descriptive text should be contained together in a  
separate frame
  - The frame should be centered and have a special background color
  - Within the frame, the icon should be placed to the upper left.
  - A descriptive text should "flow" around the icon within the frame,
    first part to the right and then below the icon.

I have tried the following construct:



The textual description of the icon comes here. It should ideally flow to  
the right of
the figure within the frame, but the figure actually becomes behind the  


The problem here is that the icon and text is placed on top of each other.

When removing the frame (\startframedtext command), the placement of the
figure and the text works OK, but I don't get a frame then of course.

I have studied the "It's in the details" document which explains a great
deal about float's, but I haven't found anything covering the frame issue.

Is the "startframedtext" the wrong command to use? All hints or suggestions
(like references to other tutorials) are very welcome.

Best regards,
Tommy Jensen

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