[NTG-context] Some Progress on Installing mswincontext.zip

David Arnold david-arnold at redwoods.edu
Wed Aug 27 20:01:44 CEST 2008


As Idris and Hans expected, Ruby was the culprit. I had installed  
Ruby before downloading mswincontext.zip, as that was what I used to  
do in the old days with a Miktex installation.

After following exactly these directions:  http:// 

Scite now works on context documents.

I tried to add metapost.properties to the global with "import  
metapost". I can "Build" a file, but the "Go" command does not work  
because I don't have gv installed. So I opened metapost.properties  
and tried changing the gv command to gsview32 (and even tried "c: 
\Program Files\ghostgum\gsview\gsview32.exe"), but neither worked.

Any suggestions how I can get the "go" command to work?

Secondly, what would I do to compile a metapost file in scite  
directly into PDF? I am aware of context way with processMPbuffer and  
other assorted tricks, and I am aware of mptopdf, but what I am  
looking for is to configure Scite to compile the metapost file and  
open it in acrobat reader.

Here is the test file I am trying to compile.


numeric u; 10u=4in;
drawdblarrow (-5u,0)--(5u,0);
drawdblarrow (0,-5u)--(0,5u);



David Arnold
College of the Redwoods
Mathematics Department
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 476-4222

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