[NTG-context] big are big with lucida

Eric DÉTREZ ericd13 at mac.com
Fri Aug 22 23:58:35 CEST 2008


The bigl, bigr ans so on are really BIG (huge even) when used with  

I think that math-lbr is guilty : it says
\def\LBRbig  {\@@dobig{8.20}}
\def\LBRBig  {\@@dobig{10.80}}
\def\LBRbigg {\@@dobig{13.42}}
\def\LBRBigg {\@@dobig{16.03}}
Shouldn't it says
\def\LBRbig  {\@@dobig{0.920}}
\def\LBRBig  {\@@dobig{1.080}}
\def\LBRbigg {\@@dobig{1.342}}
\def\LBRBigg {\@@dobig{1.603}}

There is a strange behavior :  if I put
  \def\LBRbig  {\@@dobig{0.930}}
big is bigger than Big.
How is this possible ?

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