[NTG-context] \Word broken

Matthias Wächter matthias.waechter at tttech.com
Tue Jul 29 22:53:48 CEST 2008

On 7/25/2008 11:30 AM, Matthias Wächter wrote:
> On 7/24/2008 9:49 PM, Peter Münster wrote:
>> On Thu, Jul 24 2008, Matthias Wächter wrote:
>>> What am I doing wrong? \Word, \Words and \WORDS cannot be applied to
>>> synonyms, they are displayed unmodified which is a pity as these words
>>> should be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence. Is there a
>>> solution?
>> Try "texexec --luatex file" (luatex has to be installed).
> Wow, it's always impressive to see what difference luatex makes … :-)
> Only problem: \Word does the same as \Words (checked on live.contextgarden). Any hints?

This is the respective code from core-spa.mkiv, and it is obviously broken as it defines \Words to be the same as \Word (and it defines \Word wrongly in the first place).

\def\WORD{\groupedcommand{\setcharactercasing[\plusone  ]}{}}
\def\word{\groupedcommand{\setcharactercasing[\plustwo  ]}{}}
\def\Word{\groupedcommand{\setcharactercasing[\plusthree]}{}} % \plusfour


I just played a little bit with the lua code but get lost miserably considering all those nodes, linked lists etc.

It seems to be the hard part to skip the remaining words properly, so its implementation was postponed. Is this correct?

Hans, do you feel something about the issue?

- Matthias

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