[NTG-context] Indenting / small paper size / strange paragraph cutting

Olivier Guéry nemolivier at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 21:30:05 CEST 2008


I got my Sony prs 505 ebook reader last week… Nice machine.
I tried to set-up one of my favorite book to be read on this.
Here are the specials part :
— Page size : 120mm x 90 mm
— margins : 3mm up/down and 2mm left/right (could be 1mm, in fact)

Here are the links to the .tex and .pdf files.

Here are my problems :
— I can't set the space before my section number : in
line 38 : \setuphead[section][style=tfc, numberstyle=bold,
before={\blank[3*big]}, alternative=middle]
everithing work but the « before » section

— still can't have automatic indent after section. I need to force it
using « \indentation » (line 47)

— look at the end of the first page : there's a big gap. Don't know
why. It's in the middle of a sentence, and the paragraph is big after.

— at the end of the second page, third line before the end, the « dans
» is in the margin. I can't hyphenate this word. I woud prefer having
bigger white spaces rather than this.

— on page 3, before « Une horloge » I can't have indentation after
\crlf. I used a « \packed » command after empty line but it's not what
I want. I want a new line, with indentation but not a « \par »
vertical spacing.

Sorry for this 3 pages exemple. It was hard to do less (but now you
have the begining of the french translation of « Stirrings Still »
from Samuel Beckett).



PS : the new firmware for the sony PRS 505 allow to use .epub files.
It's a realy good news : this is an open-source format ! A chance for
us to avoid the mp3 mess. I hope context can be used to produce them
one time.

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