[NTG-context] Passing unicode characters

Idris Samawi Hamid ishamid at colostate.edu
Tue Jul 22 20:40:18 CEST 2008

On Tue, 22 Jul 2008 12:14:30 -0600, Mehdi Omidali <mehdioa at gmail.com>  

> Dear Idris,
> سلام
> I tested your file. What I mean is more than that. In your file if I
> write 1 then it is printed as one. But I mean something like
> conversion command. For example look at the output of your file. The
> page number is 1. But what I mean is that engine prints every 1 as one
> for example. Let me explain in a different way. I declare
> \setupsection [chapter][conversion=persiannumerals]
> and the engine puts persiandecimalseparator character "E8C8" between
> chapter numbers and section numbers. I am not satisfied with this
> character and like the separator character to be a period "002E". In
> XeTeX one of the font features is to assign the value of "E8C8" to
> "002E". Then the engine automatically prints "002E" whenever it has to
> print "E8C8" (except in math mode for which there is a \XeTeXmathcode
> command).

سلام Mehdi,

Well, the easy way is to make E8C8 active then \define E8C8 to be the  
character 002E. It sounds like XeTeX has a dedicated mechanism. But since  
I don't use XeTeX maybe Mojca or one of the other XeTeX experts can look  
at this.

You may not even need active char's: There should be a way to control the  
separator char in \setupsection. I'm at work right now but maybe I can  
look at this later.

Can you send a sample file?

Best wishes

Professor Idris Samawi Hamid, Editor-in-Chief
International Journal of Shi`i Studies
Department of Philosophy
Colorado State University
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