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Ulrich Dirr ud at mucschach.de
Mon Jul 21 19:25:45 CEST 2008

Hi Aditya,

Thank you very much for your explanations. Where in the documentation did
you find 'serried'? I think my biggest problem is that I don't know which
values are possible options and what's the meaning (this should be in the
docs I think).

Best regards,

On 2008-07-21 Aditya Mahajan wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Jul 2008, Ulrich Dirr wrote:
>> O.k. I could look in the source too, but where did you read
>> 'location=normal'?
> That is just from knowing how the footnotes work. In ConTeXt footnotes
> consist of two this, a number and the note definition. The note
> definition is defined as a description, location=normal is an option for
>>  Also I don't know what other option are allowed, e.g., in
>> \numbercommand or \split. Only the default values are here as I
> understand.
> numbercommand can be any predefined (or one that you define on your
> own) ConTeXt macro. By default, it is \inleft, and hence you see the
> footnotes in the margin. I do not know what split does, but just by
> seeing that by default it is defined to be tolerant, the other options
> should be verystrict, strict, tolerant, verytolerant, and they should
> control how the splitting of columns work.
> This is the good thing about ConTeXt; key value options are
> extremently consistent, once you know what values a particular key
> takes for one environment, you can guess what it will do for others
> (well, I could be wrong in case of footnotes, but ...)
>> Anyway. How can I get that footnotes just flows as a standard
>> paragraph (no hanging indentation)?
> \setupfootnotedefinition[location=serried, distance=0.5em]
> Aditya
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