[NTG-context] How to read sources? (was:) Footnotes

Joachim Kreimer-de Fries Kreimer at jpberlin.de
Mon Jul 21 13:28:46 CEST 2008

Goden Dag,
although my primary field of ConTeXt questions is marginal notes, I  
use to read the "footnote" threads on NTG-context with curiousness as  
well .

Am 20.07.2008 um 19:50 schrieb Aditya Mahajan:
> When the manual is inadequate, I look at the sources.

=> Which sorces, wich directory and kind of files are meant, if one  
says "look at the source", where do I find them? (On my TeX-life  
distribution on Mac OSX 10.4x Tiger with actualized ConTeXt I didn't  
find the later mentioned "core-not.tex")

> Once you figure out how to scan them for information,

=> Could one comunicate "how to scan them for infomation" or must  
that stay a secret?

> they are easy to understand.
[I repeat: "easy to understand"!]

> In this case, core-not.tex says that the options of \setupfootnotes  
> are
>       [\c!location=\v!page,
>        \c!way=\v!by\v!part,
>        \c!sectionnumber=\v!no,
>        \c!conversion=,
>        \c!rule=\v!on,
[etc. and so on...]

Nothing of this and the following code lines I can understand, so it  
is not "easy" - albeit that one knows the syntax and meanings of  
these commands.

=> Where can I find an explanation of this, not to write this kind of  
code myself but to understand off it, which kind of commands I can  
use with footnotes (in this case)?

Ulrich Dirr, who had posed the question about his kind of footnotes  
asked back 21.07.2008 at 09:09:
> O.k. I could look in the source too, but where did you read
> 'location=normal'? Also I don't know what other option are allowed,  
> e.g., in
> \numbercommand or \split. Only the default values are here as I  
> understand.

I support this question (only that I don't know how to look in the  
sorce yet...)

Joachim Kreimer-de Fries,
simpel user and beginner in ConTeXt
P. S.
An OT-question besides: does anyone know an file manager program  
instead of the mac Finder, which allows me to find files in the  
hidden directories of Mac-OSX in a GUI way instead of unix terminal  
commands "cd", "ls" and "find"?

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