[NTG-context] Part dividers, American style.

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Wed Jul 16 13:16:03 CEST 2008

Per the Chicago Manual of Style  divider pages and their blank versos 
do not show page numbers but are included in the page count, just 
like any other pages.  However the \part macro excludes them from the 
page numbering sequence altogether.  And my current customer at least 
wants roman rather than arabic numerals.  After many false starts I 
came up with this macro:
\writetolist[part]{}{#1: #2 #3}
\vskip 2in
\centerline{Part #1}
\vskip 15pt
\vskip 15pt
The first parameter is the roman numeral.  Automatic numbering is not 
needed for just five parts.  Note colon inserted for the TOC.  It 
isn't needed on the page itself. 

If the part title is short then the third parameter is simply left 

\nimbux has a simple font defintition. A typesectipt would have been 
too much effort for this single use:

\font\nimbux texnansi-n019044t at 33bp %Nimbus bold sans condensed

John Culleton
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