[NTG-context] inter-word spacing (initials)

Alan Bowen acbowen at princeton.edu
Tue Jul 15 23:30:19 CEST 2008

I have the latest ConTeXt and  am using mkii.

One used to be able to reduce the spacing after an initial by by  
typing “.\<space>”, but this no longer seems to work. Compare the  
inter-word spacing in

A. E. Samuel\crlf
A.\ E.\ Samuel


If the is a difference here, I am having trouble seeing it; and on a  
typeset page, the gaps after the initials just seem too big.

In general, I find that the spacing after certain characters ---e.g.,  
“)”---has been increased of late. Is this in fact the case? Or should  
I go back to my old glasses?

Cheers, Alan

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