[NTG-context] \placebookmarks: opening with only topmost levels visible

Sanjoy Mahajan sanjoy at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 9 23:06:14 CEST 2008

>From this minimal example, the resulting PDF file opens with chapter and
section bookmarks.  But it should open with just chapter bookmarks due
to the second argument in this line:


The problem is mentioned on the wiki
<http://wiki.contextgarden.net/PDF_Bookmarks_and_Headers> and I wasn't
able to solve it by looking over the bookmark code in core-int.tex.

I tried the example, with the same results, using Mk II 2008.05.21 (on
my Debian i386 laptop), Mk II 2008.07.07 (live.contextgarden.net), and
live Luatex.

Any ideas?  Should I post an issue on the tracker, just for reference?




\section{One A}
\input tufte

\section{One B}
\input knuth


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