[NTG-context] Fedora 9 (Linux) Installation

Aditya Mahajan adityam at umich.edu
Wed Jul 9 01:04:44 CEST 2008

On Sat, 5 Jul 2008, abbg770 at city.ac.uk wrote:

> Ok now that's out of the way i've got a few questions regarding ConTeXt
> itself.

These got ignored in the heap on installation hints.

> 1. Is there an equivalent of the listing package?

No, but read on ...

> Take a look at
> listing-sample.pdf. It's also highly customizable, allowing me to change
> the colour etc. For instance here is my setup.
> \lstset{breaklines=true, showlines=true, % showing line numbers
> numbers=left, % where to show line numbers
> numberstyle=\scriptsize\sffamily\color{gray}, % numbersep=10pt, %
> stepnumber=1, % how often to show the line number on the left
> language=Java, % specifiy the language basicstyle=\scriptsize\ttfamily, %
> print whole listing small keywordstyle=\bfseries\color{eclipsekeyword}, %
> underlined bold black keywords identifierstyle=, % nothing happens
> commentstyle=\color{eclipsecomment}, % white comments, if you use
> commentstyle=\color{white}, it doesn't display the PRODID for the VCALENDAR
> stringstyle=\ttfamily, % typewriter type for strings
> showstringspaces=false, % no special string spaces frame=single, % bottom
> of listing gets a rule, use frame=single if you want awhole frame around it
> backgroundcolor=\color{white}, use frame=b for line a the bottom only
> backgroundcolor=\color{white}, tabsize=4, showspaces=false,
> showstringspaces=false}
> \lstset{morecomment=[s][\color{eclipsejavadoc}]{/**}{*/}}%,
> % morecomment=[s][\color{red}]{/*-}{*/}}
> And including the source code.
> \lstinputlisting[
> caption={CalendarExtractor.java},
> label=lst:CalendarExtractor.java]
> {source/CalendarExtractor.java}

Context does have a pretty printer, which comes for support for C, Java, 
Javascript, pascal, eiffel, metapost and tex. It is not as configurable as 
listings, but has most of the features.

In MKII, writing a module for pretty printing files was a pain. Now, with 
luatex, things are much easier. The new tex and mp pretty printers are 
written in lua, and are much easier to read (and write).

Part of the interface is documented here: 

> 2. Can someone please tell me if a book is being planned, I'd hate to print
> out the documentation and then come to realize that, say, two months down
> the line a book is available.

Don't worry. Print out the doucumentation and get it bound so that it 
lasts :) A book is planned, but the effort is still in the planning stage.


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