[NTG-context] ConTeXt, Framemaker, and InDesign

Idris Samawi Hamid ishamid at colostate.edu
Tue Jul 1 05:09:51 CEST 2008

Hi Martin,

On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 16:18:37 -0600, Martin Schröder <martin at oneiros.de>  

> 2008/6/30 Idris Samawi Hamid <ishamid at colostate.edu>:
>> What does ConTeXt have that Framemaker does not?
> I don't know about ConTeXt, but I know that something like LaTeX's
> \include/\includeonly was a new feature of Frame 7 (from 2002).

What is \include/\includeonly?

[Since switching to Context six years ago-- wow, has it really been that  
long? -- I have not looked back]

Best wishes

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