[NTG-context] texshow-web questions

richard.stephens at converteam.com richard.stephens at converteam.com
Fri Jun 27 16:29:34 CEST 2008

As an eternal optimist, I often refer to texshow-web in the hope that I 
will find a function to help me, or a quick description of one that I 
already know.  In most cases I end up reverting to searching the manuals 
and source code.  I like the idea of texshow-web and I sometimes add notes 
to entries if I find our something interesting.  I would be quite happy to 
add lots more, but I have some questions and suggestions for improvements 
which I think would help.

1) Is there a way of adding a function to the list?  or can it be updated 
to include all the functions from the many macro packages included with 
the context distribution.  For example, in recent discussion group threads 
I have found out about the \digits command and the \filename and 
\hyphenatedfilename commands, none of which is in texshow-web.  I would 
have been happy to add notes on them if I could.

2) If I'm adding notes to a command, is it possible to add a URL link to a 
particular page in one of the manuals?  This would great for looking up a 
command and going straight to the relevant entry in the relevant manual.


Richard Stephens 
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