[NTG-context] context minimal install problem? luatex bug?

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Sat Jun 7 14:55:18 CEST 2008

Burak Emir wrote:
> $ ls
> /Users/buraq/luatex-cache/context/f70b0d481875d119766efabfbdb61af7/trees/01ff2a12d1aaf66ed1ecab879ab73b31
> ls:
> /Users/buraq/luatex-cache/context/f70b0d481875d119766efabfbdb61af7/trees/01ff2a12d1aaf66ed1ecab879ab73b31:
> No such file or directory

No, there are two files, both with extensions. The human readable one
is actually called "01ff2a12d1aaf66ed1ecab879ab73b31.tma", so that's
not it.

It appears 'mtxrun' is unwilling to run the 'context' script (it found 
it alright, it is


so the discovery of the script itself is now ok.

Perhaps the formats are still missing (I am guessing sometimes because I
do not have a clear overview of what first-setup.sh does/doesnt do).
Can you try if

   $ context --make --compile cont-en


Otherwise, maybe it can't find the "luatex" executable (which would be
really odd, but who knows ...). Does

  $ luatex --version


Finally, I find it odd that it only "sees" the texmf-context subtree,
but that could be a feature of the new minimals. can you see what

   $ luatools context.tex

gives back?

Best wishes,

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