[NTG-context] Installed ConTeXt minimal... what's next ?

Alain PIERRE alainpierre.sw1q8c+context at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 10:39:01 CEST 2008


I installed

- ConTeXt minimal
( I first tried ContextMinimalInstall.exe but it hanged: texlua.exe
application error  )

After searching through wiki's, pdf's, (xetex and context) list archives,
etc... I still have no clue
whatsoever on

- how to start *using* ConTeXt, ConTexT with XeTeX, and
- with SciTE editor ( the "SciTE in ConTeXt" mscite-p.pdf manual seems a bit
it mentions a SciTEUser.properties file which is nowhere to find )

Some advice on where to look and/or how to proceed would be utmost welcome.
I'm missing some
pieces of the puzzle.  :O)

Many thanks,
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