[NTG-context] unicode feature request

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sat Jun 7 10:36:35 CEST 2008

Peter Münster wrote:
> Hello,
> Just as the signs <, >, + and −, it would be nice if also other signs such
> as ≤ (less-than or equal to, 2264) or ⇒ (rightwards double arrow, 21D2)
> worked in text mode and not only in math mode.

i suppose we're talking of mkiv here ...

(1) if the font has the symbol, it should work already

(2) if the font lacks the symbol, we can add a virtual one but then the 
problem is .. where to get it from; ok, i can harvest lm fonts but i'd 
like to wait till we have proper open type math fonts (project in 
progress) so that we can simply overlay fonts (already kind of possible 
in mkiv)

(3) we can set up a complicated system of active characters and macros 
that check is something is in the font and otherwise fall back to 
something that might be in another font ... i'm trying to get away from 
this approach; signaling missing glyphs is something on the agenda for 0.40

so ... eventually ... yes (temporary workarounds may show up but only if 
i really need it in a project since this is no stuff for pet-projects)

i'm in the process of setting up math in mkiv and this is something that 
taco, aditya and i will discuss at the upcoming context conference (feel 
free to join in there)


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