[NTG-context] Last attempt: numbered margin notes in ConTeXt?

Joachim Kreimer-de Fries Kreimer at jpberlin.de
Fri Jun 6 15:28:19 CEST 2008

- hartelik dankseggen! -

What a beatific surprise when I opened my Mail in the late morning  
for the first time: all my yesterdays problems with marginal notes in  
ConTeXt and Hans' Code resolved, almost all used commands and  
elements explained, so that I have won confidence that I shall make  
it to configure the marginalia in the wanted format and to learn and  
use ConTeXt.

I'm really impressed of your helpfullness!

Thank you, Hans, for the improved code and expanation, thank you,  
Tobias and Aditya for the explanations and the links, also for the  
correction of the code regarding "\plusone" (that was the reason for  
the typeset accent signs ´ instead of superscript numbers in the body  

Despite your extended help, I have still acquire a lot to build my  
first little document in ConTeXt - I postponed this learning process  
to have more certainty that the marginalia question can be resolved  
and confidence that I can make it.

Am 06.06.2008 um 00:24 schrieb Hans Hagen:
> concerning documentation ... if i had 60 hours in a day ....  
> keeping up
> with user demands, developments, my work etc etc takes time too

I understand this very well, the more I'm happy for the help.

> the best resource for special
> cases is still this mailing list since others may have needed you
> rfeature before

As was demonstrated... I'll come back to this, when certainly needed  

Prachtig wiekenende!
Kreimer-de Fries

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