[NTG-context] markup format ---> ConTeXt

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 3 09:43:04 CEST 2008

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 8:48 AM, Maurice Diamantini
<Maurice.Diamantini at ensta.fr> wrote:

> Just some remarks/questions:
> - docbook seems to be the standard for describing documentation data,
> - dblatex seams to be a currently good supported tools for **easely**
> provide pdf output from docbook input, and cutomize the output with .xsl
> parameters or LaTeX .sty files
> - dbcontext seams not to be maintained very much

I don't think the code in the module is nowadays a good example for writing
a module because many low level commands are redefined and it should
work now out of the box with the current code or better witth MkIV.

> - ConTeXt seams to be able to directly parse xml without external tools
> So, what about make ConTeXt directly reading dokbook file and output
> pdf file? I see the http://www.leverkruid.eu/context/index.html page from
> Simon Pepping. But it seems that this project is down.

Not many people asked for Docbook support in ConTeXt and I found only
three interseting threads in my mail folder.


> If ConTeXt provide an easy way for translate docbook to pdf file
> (usable by a non (ie. not yet) ConTeXt user as dblatex is), I think poeple
> could switch to ConTeXt only for that feature (not everybody have
> dependency with LaTeX!)

> Then the problem would resume to find a good "yourPreferedWikiFormat" to
> docbook...

> (I'v not seen any "t-bocbook" file on http://dl.contextgarden.net/modules)

The module you mention above is the only (complete?) docbook style
but ConTeXt provides cals table support by default and mapping for the
basic elements to ConTeXt shouldn't be a problem, give us the information
what do you need and we write a module.


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