[NTG-context] bibl-apa.tex wrong?

David davidandrewrogers at gmail.com
Tue May 27 19:36:19 CEST 2008

On Tue, 27 May 2008 08:36:57 +0200, Taco Hoekwater wrote:
> Matej Baric( wrote:
>> Hello,
>> This (http://www.liu.edu/cwis/cwp/library/workshop/citapa.htm) and  
>> just about any other site I look at specifies publisher info as  
>> "<city, state>: <publisher name>", whereas bibl-apa.tex specifies it  
>> as "<publisher name>, <city, state>".
>> Why is the file called bibl-apa.tex if it doesn't follow APA rules? Am  
>> I missing something
> Originally (years ago already), I reverse-engineered apalike from
> latex. It is quite possible I made a error there (or even that
> apalike had it wrong) but if no-one reports a bug it is not noticed.
> Also, I've had quite a few incorrect bug reports about the styles, so
> I am no longer all that eager to change them at a single bug report.
> Two questions: do you have a definitive source somewhere? and are
> there any other problems you see in bibl-apa.tex?

The 5th edition of the APA Publication Manual is unambiguous on this 
point. Section 4.14, page 230, states:

(note, I have transcribed their table of examples into plain text for 
easier reading in email)


4.14 Publication Information: Nonperiodicals

(table of examples)

Location, ST: Publisher.   (example) Hillsdale, NJ: Erlbaum

Location, Province, Country: Publisher.   (example) Toronto, Ontario, 
Canada: University of Toronto Press.

Location, Country: Publisher.   (example) Oxford, England: Basil 

Major City: Publisher.   (example) Amsterdam: Elsevier.

(end table of examples)

- Give the city and, if the city is not well known for publishing (see 
section 4.03) or could be confused with another location, the state or 
province (and/or country) where the publisher is located as noted on 
the title page of the book. Use U.S. Postal Service abbreviations for 
states (see Table 4.1). Use a colon after the location.

- If the publisher is a university and the name of the state or 
province is included in the name of the university, do not repeat the 
state or province in the publisher location.

- Give the name of the publisher in as brief a form as is intelligible. 
Write out the names of associations, corporations, and university 
presses, but omit superfluous terms, such as Publishers, Co., or INC., 
which are not required to identify the publisher. Retain the words 
Books and Press.

- If two or more publisher locations are given, give the location 
listed first in the book or, if specified, the location of the 
publisher's home office.

- Finish the element with a period.

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