[NTG-context] frames and columns

Wolfgang Schuster schuster.wolfgang at googlemail.com
Tue May 20 15:28:27 CEST 2008

Hi Hans,

> Yes I can see others have found the same problem. But thanks anyway
> for the link, because it prompted me to experiment with a box. At
> least for \startsimplecolumns .. \stopsimplecolumns there seems to be
> hope. See the example below, the last framedtext has two columns
> inside. For \startcolumns .. \stopcolumns this is not a solution: an
> error message about \prevdepth appears.

Normal columns need the output routine and won't work inside of a box,
streams are a way to invoke the output routine.

Simplecolumns are simpler and don't need the output routine, it's just
a simple vsplit and work in a few cases but is more limited, this is why
it did work, the internal function is like this.

\setbox0=\vbox{\hsize.45\hsize\input knuth\par}
\setbox1=\vsplit0 to .5\ht0
\hbox to\hsize{\box1\hfill\box0}


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