[NTG-context] Some questions about the taspresent module

Thomas A. Schmitz thomas.schmitz at uni-bonn.de
Sun May 18 18:09:29 CEST 2008

On May 18, 2008, at 4:12 PM, Jean Magnan de Bornier wrote:

> Hi all (especially Thomas)
> I have played these days with the last version of the "taspresent"
> presentation module, to see how it can be used as such and/or with
> emacs-muse.
> I have discovered that due to the \Maketitle macros, which did not  
> exist
> in the first versions, it is quite easy to have a muse style and  
> nearly
> everything works quite well.

Hear hear -- glad to see that you're testing the module.

> I use mkiv from minimals.
> I have a few concerns though:
> - On some of the styles, page numbering is like this: 1 of 10, 2 of  
> 10,
>  etc. Is there a way, as I have to write in french more often than  
> not,
>  to modify that in my tex file without changing the style file  
> (which I
>  prefer not to do)?

OK, Hans suggested to use labeltexts; I'll have to learn how to use  
it. The basic idea seems to be to have something like this in the  

\setuplabeltext [\s!fr]       [\v!of=de]

and then use \v!of in the code, is that about right, Hans? Jean: in  
French, would you say "1 sur 10" or "1 de 10"?

> - With the greenblue style the title page is produced with its  
> layout, but
>  no text appears on that page...

I was going for a Zen-look... :-) Seriously: it works here, I get  
normal output for the title page - can you send a small test file?

> - The embossed style doesn't compile, apparently due some missing font
>  (Emblem); is it some rare font, and if not where can I find it? I  
> have
>  installed a file called "Emblem Regular.ttf" but that didn't change
>  things; here is the error message (AucTeX):
Ah Ok, that's because luaTeX doesn't use the tfm files, so it can't  
find this font. OK, I have a problem here and may need help. Two  
solutions are possible:

1. Use the same font via afm/pfb. This would mean I have to refer to  
the font like so:

\definefontsynonym [BigBoss] [name:NimbusSanL-Bold]
\definefont[Emblem] [BigBoss at 30pt]

However, there is a problem with this font; I get this error:

! Emergency stop.
<*> ./08_05_20_b.tex

fclose: Bad file descriptor
fclose: Bad file descriptor
!  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!

Hans, Taco, any idea what's going wrong here?

2. Use an OpenType font instead; specifically the TeXGyreHeros. This  
would mean:

\definefontsynonym [BigBoss] [name:TeXGyreHeros-Bold]
\definefont[Emblem] [BigBoss at 30pt]

Problem here: this switch messes up the spacing; with all TeXGyre  
font, the graphic doesn't respect its position on the page. I'm not  
sure if it is the font or mkiv in general or MPlib. I'll have to  
investigate that and will look into it, but I can't promise that it  
will be very soon.

Thanks for testing , all best


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